Selling books back

I threw 16 books into my backpack and walked over to the USC bookstore to sell my textbooks back. Most of them weren’t accepted, but for the 9 that were, 2 were offered $1 and 1 was offered $1.50. The rest were $2 or more. So I went ahead and sold them back. That earned me $24.50, paid in cash. Back in my dorm, I decided to see what those books were really worth. Going from memory, I marked on my booklist (which has been posted on my bulletin board since the start of the semester) the books I sold back. I added their total used value: $119.60. So I got, if you look at it this way, about 20.5% of their value. All but one of the books were sold to a warehouse (wholesaler) at wholesale prices. However, my books were all marked in, and the most expensive book was bought used online (and came with water damage). All things considered, I’m happy.

The new value of the books I sold back is $159.35. Cash feels better. If you were to show me a $30 money order and $25 cash, I’d probably take the cash. It’s technically worth less, but the paper is greener. Anyway, time to start looking at next semester’s book list…

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  1. Sam says:

    Yeah I wonder if 112 will have as much reading as 102. Yay for only one TO class next semester. I’m excited. But for now, winter break! How was your calc final?

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    It was good. I think I did about as well as I could, which is not to say that I did particularly well. There were some problems I didn’t know how to do, and other things that were just too complex. But it’s very difficult, and nobody I talked to did much better than I did. So I’m hoping for a positive curve =)

    I considered 112, but decided to take CSCI 102 instead. Yet, I still entertain the idea of suddenly switching into 112. If I get good grades on 102/111, then maybe I will. I felt like it was too much work, and although I learned a lot, the grade might not reflect that. But I don’t know what my grades will be, so we’ll see.

  3. Guest says:

    Sell the books on Amazon. You get way more than the book store.

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