26 Ways to Promote Your Site

When creating your first website or starting out on the web, you’ll probably at some point make a website that’s of interest to a wider and, perhaps, even international audience. Once you’ve written lots of content and uploaded lots of original photos, though, you’re left with the problem of showing people your work, and helping people who are looking for your sort of thing to find you. This is a list of ways to build traffic to your site. Remember, this comes only after you’ve already established a site that may be of value to others. And after promoting, you’ll probably want to work on buliding community and/or discussion on your site, if your topic relates to that sort of activity. These strategies can apply to many different sites, including blogs, journals, and fan sites.

  1. Links
  2. Keywords
  3. Email newsletters
  4. Referral links
  5. Free services or gifts
  6. Message boards and blogs
  7. Sponsor ads
  8. Articles
  9. Link exchanges
  10. Affiliate programs
  11. AdWords
  12. Banner ads (they continue to persist…)
  13. Get visitors to bookmark your site
  14. Offline site promotion (often overlooked)
  15. Online forums
  16. Email signatures
  17. Chat
  18. Free classified ads
  19. Have a good looking website
  20. Easy website navigation
  21. Online directories
  22. Positive testimonials for other websites
  23. Online community
  24. Offer free eBooks
  25. Guestbooks
  26. Domain visibility

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