Code Names

I went to have lunch with Michelle, but she remembered that she had a paper to write, so I came back and ate lunch at my desk in my dorm room. I read the news while reading. Here’s an excerpt. Read it carefully, considering what it’s saying.

So what does Intel require of manufacturers to be Centrino Duo certified? The notebook manufacturer must use an:

1) Intel Core Duo microprocessor
2) Intel 945 Express Chipset
3) Intel 3945ABG Wireless solution

If all three requirements are met, then the notebook is officially a Centrino Duo. And here is where those code names start cropping up. The Core Duo microprocessor is nothing more than the dual core Yonah we’ve been talking about for quite a while now; and the 945 Express chipset should sound very familiar as it is a mobile version of the 945 chipset that was released on the desktop side last year.

Now the combination of the Core Duo processor, 945 Express chipset and the 3945ABG wireless solution is what is known as the Napa platform. In other words, the code name for Centrino Duo is Napa. Its predecessor is Sonoma, which is the code name for the Centrino platform that was composed of Intel’s Pentium M (based on Dothan), 915 chipset and 2915ABG wireless solution. We will refer to Napa and Sonoma later in this article, so just keep in mind that Napa is the current Centrino Duo while Sonoma is the previous generation Centrino based on Dothan.

I couldn’t help but grin as I read this. Code names are silly and fun. Centrino Duo, Yonah, Napa, Sonoma, Dothan… and the list goes on.

Excerpt from here.

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