INROADS, USC, and back

I debated for a few minutes whether to actually put INROADS in all caps. I think that, since it’s not an acronym as far as I can tell, it is more properly stated as Inroads. The capitalization, as far as I can tell, is used only to draw attention to the name. This sort of company-name-grammar reminds me of Yahoo! (which uses the exclamation point as part of their name). Other symbols can be used that also draw otherwise-undeserved attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if some companies used the question mark (?) in their name. Ask Jeeves, maybe?

Today I woke up at 5:55 AM and drove out to LMU (Loyola Marymount University) for the INROADS Talent Pool. It is the farthest distance I have every driven on my own. Lots of things happened but I have other things to deal with right now…

I am happy to see that Google Community continues to flourish at Google Although the new domain is not indexed in search engines nor linked from other sites, we had a large number of posts today, and lots of interesting discussions going on. It is, I am happy to report, more than I can sort through myself. On the downside, our Reader count has dropped to 29 (from over 100 before). Very depressing. At least I was able to contact someone at GoDaddy who actually cared. Paul, if you somehow happen to reading this: thanks! I appreciate your help.

Google logo-esque tutorial
Richard M. Stallman on Software patents

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