January Jumpstart 2006

I went to JJ 06, and it has now ended. It’s the beginning of Mark Study with InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship. I’m getting tired now, and I need to sleep before 2am, so I’ll have to write more about it later. But for now, I’ll say it was awesome and I have a lot of Christ-centered things to work on.

Today is my 18th birthday. I’ve already gotten lots of “Happy Birthday” notes on Facebook. I wish they would say more than just those two words. I’ll leave a note there expressing this sentiment. I wonder what this day will hold for me. I’m planning to go to church with Mike S. in the morning.

I just spend several hours reading blogs, including Xangas, LiveJournals, and others. It’s amazing to see the stuff that”s out there. The things that people are getting into today are surprising. Some I expected, others I did not. Yet I feel like I can see things from their perspective. As my understanding of the world expands, I think I can better predict future trends. And this is really the sort of thing that interests me.

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  1. christine says:

    Hi Elliot! Well, since you don’t read your xanga often, Happy 18th Birthday! I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sorry I can’t come over and see you at USC. [I have brand-new blank CD’s and duct tape, but no transportation]….. (=___=) sorry… Hopefully you had a good time on your birthday, lots of cake and other goodies! (^__^) I really wish you stayed behind and graduate with the rest of us, but I know you made your decision to go to college early for a good reason. Anyways, may your 18th year be full of good times and memorable experiences for you… Good luck! (By the way, is your email address somewhere around here…? I’d like to send you at least a card…)

  2. christine says:

    Oh, and after reading your wishlist…. I feel bad because I can’t give you a present, especially on your 18th birthday. However, here’s some free piano sheets for my favorite song by my favorite composer!


    (^__^) This is “Moonlight Sonata, First Movement” by Beethoven. Er I gave this to you because… ehh well it’s my favorite song, and I’d like you to enjoy it as well. It’s not that hard – the fingers are rather tricky, but with practice it will become very easy for you. (^__^) If you’ve already played it – um, you can play it again! *hehe ~ No seriously though, I know this is a famous song, so it’s most likely you probably played it already, but if not, then I’d like you to enjoy it as much as I do. [I’m a big fan of Beethoven’s pieces – that man is pure genius!] Well, alright, I’ll talk to you later. Once again, a happy 18th birthday!

  3. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday!

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