Macworld 2006 with Steve Jobs

I just watched the whole hour and a half of Steve Jobs’ presentation at Macworld 2006 (webcast). Some very exciting things going on there. Did you notice that Intel has changed their logo? I’ve known Intel’s old logo for as long as I can remember. And I must say, I liked the old one better. However, I think the new one will eventually grow on me. It has a simpler, more modern appeal.

As much as I’d love to get my hands on a MacBook Pro, the price is just out of reach. Plus, it’s hard to justify, considering that I probably won’t use it for much more than a toy. Still, it’s cool to see where Apple and the computer industry is headed. I think their focus on ease-of-use is definitely a good move.

iWeb is a good idea that is likely to be cloned and improved vastly over the coming years. The Internet is still much too hard to use. It is not accessible to the masses. Not everyone can use it effectively. It can be much more efficient than it is today. And that’s where companies are headed. Computer hardware is reaching the point where it is powerful enough to do anything. Now the software needs to step up, integrate with that hardware, and make things easier for users.

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