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Tonight’s Midnight Message will be hard to write. Life is getting worse as school is getting closer. Some of it is inevitable. Other parts are just severe trials that are hitting me, and I’m struggling to fight back. Admittedly, they do not seem very crucial on the surface. But imagine all the lost opportunities, people, visitors, and the help I could have provided to so many people. All lost due to a stupid mistake. I don’t want to think anymore about this particular situation. Read more if you wish; as for me, I will continue with the rest of my day.

I again woke late this morning, and then we went to the U.S. Postal Service’s Walnut office to send off four eBay/ packages. The line was incredibly long. They’re increasing the postage rate this Sunday to 39 cents, up from 37. They were completely sold out of 2c and 1c stamps. I saw Harvey and Mr. Smith there (at separate times). We ended up sending 2 packages via the automatic postage machine and 2 the old-fashioned way. Price was reasonable – $2 to $5 per package.

We went to Best Buy hoping to get Nintendogs. They had the Chihuahua version, but not the Dashaund version my sister wanted. So we didn’t get it. However, I was impressed by the game playing stations they had. GameCube, PC, and XBox 360. Little rooms with extraordinarily comfortable chairs, good lighting, and large TVs or LCDs. Random people just came, sat down, and played. I like the idea. I hope it’s successful. We ended up buying just a scanner – the Epson 3490. I will write a brief review of it someday on Gardgy. But to put it simply, I’m happy with it. Our old Dell A940 broke (Hardware Error 0504), so we were in need of a scanner.

On returning home I soon discovered that my most popular website was down. Eurgh. I already wrote about this earlier in this post. That’s enough. I have resolved to call again tomorrow morning to check on status. Also I will report on the status from the credit card company. I hate finances.

I played some Albatross18 which, I rationalize, helped me unwind. I finally earned enough Pang to buy the blue Sky Glove, which adds Curve+1. Aaron and James should get a good laugh out of this one.

It is very distressing to think about how little time I have left. Soon, break will be over, school will resume, and life will become hectic as I am forced to give up important duties and responsibilities in order to cope with schoolwork. Sometimes I question why I bother.

I’ll top off this post with a few links I used today.


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  1. Sam says:

    Honestly, I thought the post was a little more serious and more life-rending. Well, hope your website gets back up. See you at school (gasp).

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