Votio to Poll for Your Favorite Posts

I’ve just installed Votio, a sweet WordPress plugin that allows you to vote on the posts I write. Read my posts, decide how much you like them, then use the spiffy AJAX-powered vote images to tell me how much you liked it. Then, please leave a comment. Try it out!

One thing I don’t understand is why the plugin author forces blog owners to enter the category names for the posts that get polls. I want it to be on all my posts, so why isn’t that an option? I hacked the code a little so that I could easily make it work across all posts. I hope it wasn’t crucial. Hopefully there aren’t any side-effects. For those wondering, I added this line:


How about ending each of my posts with a link? Classic Mathematical Fallacies. Interesting stuff.

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  1. Hu says:


    I’m just wondering, where abouts in votio.php did you insert:
    $status=’open’; ?

    I’m guessing you had it outside the following IF loop and function:


    function votio_ballot_box()

    If possible, could you please mail me a copy of your response to this question?

  2. Yeah..I’m also puzzled…where to insert this line


    and anyway to change the voting period? Change to unlimited days?

  3. Elliot Lee says:

    Right before it’s first used in function votio_ballot_box().
    Line before: $okcats = explode(‘,’, $vote_cats);
    Add after: $status=’open’;
    Line after: if((count(array_intersect($cats, $okcats)) > 0) || ($status==’open’))

    Days to vote can be easily changed to be unlimited. I think it’s a nice feature, though, so I just edited the line to –

    $days_to_vote = 730; //2 years

    That much time should be reasonable: any post older than that is less likely to get new votes that have much significance. If someone wants to say something about those posts, they can always leave a comment.

  4. huh…looks simple but still cannot get it works! Can you mail me the file concerned?

  5. Jack Somers says:

    Hi, I tried today to install this plugin, and I’m not even getting it to show up at all. The only mods I did to the original file was putting in my categories, and then the mod you suggested, and then changing the number of days (as you suggested also).

    I’m not sure where this is referring to: “You need to add a tag to your template where you want the voting box to appear: votio_ballot_box() ”

    Where do I put this? Also, do I not have to insert something into my sidebar to display the posts with the highests ratings? (I want to do that). I would like to get this done fairly quickly…I would even pay someone to help me. Thanks!


  6. Jack Somers says:

    Oops – I forgot to say that my blog is WP 2.0

    Not sure if this matters.

  7. Matthew Phiong says:

    Hi Elliot, can you please send me this file votio.php? I really don’t know why I cant get it works.


  8. joe vandal says:

    Trying so many post rating systems and none seem to work.

    I see Votio works great on your site, so I hope you can point out whatever obvious error I am making.

    I finally got it working, but it displays weird (image not found)-type boxes in IE and when hovering over it the stars and boxes jump around really badly. In FF little circles take the place of stars when seeing for the first time?

    Any way to get it a little less jumpy or more under control?

    btw, at http://www.idahofallz.com

  9. joe vandal says:

    any reason why it shows (image not found) type boxes in IE, or why it’s really jumpy when you first hover over the stars?


  10. Matthew Phiong says:

    OK, FINALLY I get it works!

  11. alex says:

    I got Votio to work finally! The $status=’open’ works like charm

    However, please note that copy pasting the code from this website won’t work, you need to manually insert the additional code.. because ” ’ ” ” ‘ “

  12. tara says:

    The download link no longer works. Can you send votio plugin to my mailbox tar9918 @ gmail.com?

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Dan Rood says:

    Just talked to a guy at ajaxian.com and he recommended the votio plugin. The download link no longer works. Is this still available? If so could you email it to me?


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