1GB iPod Nano Released

Apple has just released a 1 GB iPod nano. I think this might be perfect for me. It’s four times the memory of my 256 MB Creative Muvo, but only a little more expensive than it was at the time I bought it. Admittedly, the iPod doesn’t have recording or FM radio, but the coolness factor makes up for that. I laughed when I read this post on the Mac Forums:

Samsung: “Hi Steve, sorry we can not deliver all that 2GB flash memory”
Steve: “%@$!@!”
Samsung: “But we can give you a great deal on 1GB”
Steve: “Well, Valentine day is coming …Send those 1GB …”

According to Apple (pcmag), the new nano “could hold up to 240 songs or 15,000 photographs.” I don’t have that much media :) and when I have more, I’ll store it on my computer’s hard drive (at pennies per gigabyte) and just store on the iPod that which I want to bring with me and listen to / view on the road.

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