I hate toolbardollars scum

I went to my website, Google Community, and read a post about someone who got a virus by visiting the home page of my site. How is that possible? I hadn’t noticed it. Well, they were using Internet Explorer. So I fired up IE, went to Google Community, and sure enough: script dialog boxes appeared, Norton Antivirus popped up, said it couldn’t repair the virus, and Internet Explorer crashed. All just because I visited my own website. I did not click anything, I did not agree to download anything. I did not do anything but simply visit the URL.

It’s sickening. It turns out, someone or something had somehow inserted a line of HTML in one of my forum descriptions. Only administrators can edit forum descriptions. I have only one other Administrator at GC, and I trust him. He also posted at the topic where the virus was first discovered, and I believe he is innocent. So where did it come from? Was my site’s database compromised?

I don’t know. But I really hope it doesn’t happen again. I’ve noticed by Feedburner subscriber numbers drop, but I’m not sure if that’s directly related. If it is, I’m grieved. Creators of malware are wasting time and destroying computing experiences for countless web newbies and casual surfers. They don’t have the knowledge to deal with this sort of thing. But people can do anything they want. How can they be stopped? It’s malicious, but it’s not illegal.

The virus came from toolbardollars.biz, and this is the current domain record –

Registrant Contact Information:
Name: Alexander Pushkin
Organization: Home Home
Address 1: Pushkina str. – 1 – 1
City: Moscow
Zip: 123456
Country: RU
Phone: +78.462788201

If this Alexander Pushkin instigated or is related in any way to the malware that the domain is putting out, he should immediately cease. And if I had it my way, he’d be punished. But that’s probably too much to ask.

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  1. [Hidden] says:

    I got it too :mad:
    Toolbardollars are horrible!

  2. Thanks Elliot it’s good to know you trust me, phpbb are looking into this but they need a copy of the database and the forum files, Randy might have told you about this already though, but contact me and we shall move on from there!

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