I love university life

When I woke up this morning, I felt this: “I hate school.” Too much work, too much wasted time, too much pressure.

So I was really surprised when, on my way back to my dorm from finishing my first Physics quiz with Professor Bickers, that I was really happy to be here. A great professor makes all the difference. When I first looked at and tried to work out the Quiz by myself, I was stuck. It was all so confusing and strange. But when Bickers explained it, it all became clear. As I worked it out, I grew happier and happier; it all worked out so nicely. Math/Physics are awesome. The sense of satisfaction that comes with understanding is priceless.

I went an hour late to a presentation put on by EA (Electronic Arts) in HOH 303 in association with DMA (Distribution Management Association), a USC networking organization. EA was recruiting: accepting resumes, talking about jobs and internships, and the work environment. Despite being late, one of the staff gave up her seat for me (I didn’t ask), I watched the end of the awesome presentation, and got free pizza at the end.

There’s always free food somewhere on campus, especially evenings (dinner). It might be pizza, it might be catered. But there’s food somewhere, if you can figure out where to find it. And this goes on all semester long: I suspect it wasn’t always like this, but competition has heat up. There’s more demand for audiences, and a great demand for college students. I love it.

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    Sounds great!

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