Monday with Rain, Sushi, Guitar, Bible Study, and Boba

I was about to go to sleep (1 AM! That’s early!) but J Shook is in my room. So I’ll write a Midnight Message. I need to write one anyway, especially after making my blog look bad with all my technical complaints.

This morning I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to. I wasted that hour doing something on the computer, probably messing with it since I’d broken it over the weekend. Then I went to my first class: Tennis.

We have our tennis midterm coming up on Wednesday. It’s a written exam. I’m taking the class pass/no pass, so I’m not going to study… but I might read over the handouts he gave us. I need to know all the terminology.

It started raining in the middle of tennis class, so we ended early and I came back to my room and wasted more time, I guess. I got an email from Google saying they liked my plugin (yay) but want me to make a change before they’ll consider posting it (aww). I haven’t done it yet :( I’ll do it tomorrow morning, I hope, because I really need sleep now.

I had salman and avacado sushi for lunch in my engineering academy classroom, then went to CompSci, guitar, Deans’ Dinner, and then Bible Study with Mike S. Jon didn’t go because he’s insanely busy with work.. and I should be the same.. I stil have to do my physics quiz.. but it’s incredibly hard and I’m not getting anywhere with it.. Rupesh says he’s done.. making me feel really bad and behind. I still have a few late days.. but I need to stay on top of things or I’m going to run out. I went to Boba after Bible Study.. maybe not a great decision considering the time it took. But I did have a great time, and felt genuinely happy for the first time in a long week. I had hot milk tea with boba.. much too hot for me, but it was good after I added ice (which didn’t make it cold — it was still hot).

Breakfast at commons tomorrow morning at 9 am. If I wake up early, I’m dev’ing my Google Desktop Search Plugin. I hope Google accepts it and doesn’t get too many other submissions, making mine look bad. I must work fast. Time is of the essence!

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