3D Magic Eye Images are Amazing!

This is one of the most stunning things I’ve come across for a long time!

3D eye exercises

Two different 3D viewing methods

It’s all definitely real and works great. I can do the cross-viewing method, but I’m still working on trying to do parallel-viewing. That makes sense, because I’m always looking at my computer screen which is close to me. Thus, I’ve become nearsighted. I think this sort of thing could help. It causes the eyes to focus farther or nearer than where the object actually is. In the case of the cross-eyed method, which I can do anytime anywhere very easily, you’re focusing closer than where the image is. What I would love to figure out is how to do the parallel-viewing method.

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  2. Sam says:

    I remember the Magic Eye books when I was in elementary school. I hope I was doing parallel-viewing then. I think I can do it now.

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