Appeals of MySpace

There’s room for a competitor, but MySpace does some things well. Here are some thoughts on this post.

  • MySpace’s users are mostly 13-25 years old.
  • Its main appeal is that it’s sprawling out of control.
  • News Corp is starting to reign in aspects of it.
  • Some think this may cause its user base and visitors to simply move to a new place.
  • Sometimes there’s too much traffic to the site, and people can’t login.
  • The site returns errors during peak hours, and has ‘scheduled maintenance’ which angers users.
  • A 23 year old artist gets regular work and commissions from MySpace. It could be a good place to develop a presence for a web design or blog templating business.

3 Responses to “Appeals of MySpace”

  1. Sam says:

    Google Romance!!!!!

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    What does Google Romance have to do with this?

  3. Sam says:


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