Daniel; Guitar Midterm

I found Daniel’s blog by searching Google for the number 23 usc. It’s neat — a step above the Xangas that everyone seems to have. Though I don’t know him particularly well, we both go to USC, are members of InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship, and we both went to the Fall Conference. His blog is very well-written, in my opinion. Most posts are the perfect length, and he includes a photo or two with most posts. I should do that, and I would if I wasn’t so lazy about transferring pics from my cell phone to the computer. I have a digital camera now, but I never find an occasion to use it.

I had my guitar midterm today. It went reasonably well. I’m in MPGU 120a with Nick Stoubis. We had to play (1) the C major scale, (2) Danny Boy, and (3) Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles. I practiced almost day and night for the past several days, and I think it paid off. Though I got incredibly nervous for no reason and was also stuck by hunger right before the performance exam. Oh well. A little mistake — shouldn’t be a big deal.

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  1. Sam Park says:

    The idea of an ideal blog entry (perfect length, the addition of photos) is, to me, quite weird.

  2. daniel says:

    thanks man. my gmail kept telling me that “elliot” had commented on my blog. i agree with sam (wait is he a professor at usc?!) that there is no ideal blog entry. some of my “better” entries are just as long as my not so popular entries. the whole thing is to make them engaging so that it doesn’t feel as long. and it’s a lot easier to add photos when you just use a cell phone to take pics and use bluetooth to transfer.

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