Google Video HTML in WordPress Posts

google video.PNGI spent almost an hour trying to do this one thing alone, and I still couldn’t get it to work right. All I want to do is put HTML code in my WordPress posts and have it stay there and be presented to viewers unmodified by the silly WordPress code-precessing functions.

As it is, when you try to put HTML in your posts — for example, an embed tag for a flash video — WordPress strips it out. Even when I finally got things to work using some overly-complicated Extreme Video Plugin, when I go back to edit the post, the code is gone. WordPress simply eats it, and the HTML tags are deleted. Anyone have a fix?

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  1. Chris says:

    Great blog you got here Elliot. I found it via

    I too have found this problem to be a pain in the rear. I only have 2 work arounds.

    1. Write up your post and when you have it how you like, then add the embeded object.

    2. When editing, I do it via the mysql database. That way the code is still there. It takes a little longer, but it gets the job done without any hassels. You just need to know your way around phpMyAdmin.

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