Home Sweet Marks Hall

So I climb up to the second floor carrying all of my luggage, open the stairwell door, and then open my room door — but it doesn’t work. The door’s still locked, and the key won’t budge. John Shook starts yelling down the hall in his typical fashion, and reveals that Housing has changed all the locks. Gosh darn it.

John is actually quite a nice guy. He has a messy room and plays video games all day, but I think we get along very well. He’s someone I’d actually trust.

Anyway, I called Housing at about 4:45 PM because I heard that calling DPS would just get me referred to Housing. They said they’d send someone out. 5:30 comes along, and nobody’s here. I call again, and they forward me to DPS. Finally, my roommate calls and yells at them himself a bit, in typical K-dawg fashion. Finally we get into our rooms sometime around 5:45.

Dictionary.com Word of the Day
I usually never post these, but it was interesting because I recently ran across this word just last week. I thought I tried looking it up on Answers.com and found no definition. However, here it is, and it makes perfect sense when I think back on the context.

amalgam \uh-MAL-guhm\, noun:
1.  An  alloy  of  mercury  with another metal or metals; used
especially (with silver) as a dental filling.
2. A mixture or compound of different things.

Sidenote – my eyes are killing me. My vision is getting blurry. I’m nearsighted. Any suggestions?

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