I’m feeling lucky protocol

I was reading about the “I’m feeling lucky” pseudo-protocol on fish.cx, which suggests the idea of having Google show us search terms for results as they are shown. Here are some ways the extra information might be labeled or explained: “What you should have entered to find this page”; “Alternate searches that return these results”; “You might also try…” (I believe Yahoo already does the last one).

6 Responses to “I’m feeling lucky protocol”

  1. Derek says:

    Chuck Norris does not take steroids, steroids take Chuck Norris

  2. Derek says:

    Chuck Norris can stare at the sun for hours, sometimes even days, then he gets bored and roundhouse kicks it in the face.

  3. Derek says:

    If you look up Chuck Norris in the dictonary he’ll come out and roundhouse kick you in the face.

  4. CNN – Chuck Norris News

  5. Memento Norris – Remember about Chuck!

  6. P[r]oland Typo says:

    Chuck Norris can drown a fish!

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