Logitech SetPoint with MX3100 and F5 Refresh in Firefox

The Logitech MX3100 (LX 700/MX 3000 keyboard) has special functions for the F keys. Strangely, I never had a problem on my old installation. But now that I’m using the latest version of their SetPoint software, it seems to override Firefox’s built-in keyboard shortcuts; namely, F5 for refresh. Instead, it was showing “Undo” (in ugly green text at the bottom) and doing apparently nothing. I always use CTRL+Z for undo, so that’s no use to me. So I went into the SetPoint software and tried to find a way to leave things as they would be without SetPoint. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way. But I searched the web a bit and realized that CTRL+R does the same thing as F5 (refresh the current page in Firefox). So I set F5 in SetPoint to do a keyboard combo (macro): CTRL+R. Works like a charm.

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  1. mac says:

    There’s an “F-Mode” button on your keyboard — it’s near the upper right. You can switch between standard and setpoint modes

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Sweet! Thanks for that, mac! I feel stupid now, but this is why I love blogging :)

    How did you find my blog?

  3. Some Dude says:


    Thanks for that tip Elliot Lee! I was going nuts trying to figure this out…thankfully this page was the first I saw in Google when I went searching for a solution…your tip saved me from doing another search on the F3 function…

  4. StuButler says:

    The FMode key is what you need to use.

    To allow advanced keyboard setup, logitech offers 2 F Mode’s to give you 24 function keys.

    In one mode, “Standard F Keys” the f keys respond as they would on any generic keyboard.

    In the other mode, “Enhanced F Keys” the f keys respond depending on how they are assigned in setpoint allowing quick access to specified programs, functions and keystrokes.

  5. Bert says:

    Thanks for this solution. I’d never even thought to look for a key on the keyboard. This really fixed a big problem for me, because I use function keys quite frequently.

    I found this blog typing something like “logitech setpoint + function keys” in google. It’s first result you get.

  6. G says:

    Google-ed “logitech f5 undo” and this was the first hit i got.
    You might want to update your blog post to point out the proper solution.
    I nearly closed the page before reading the solution i was looking for in one of the comments.

  7. Rich says:

    Nice one, doing my brain in till I read this. The sweetest soultions are the simplest!

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