Midnight Message: Economics, Physics, Mark Study and Kedar

This morning, I woke up on time for breakfast with Michael, Shelby, Elizabeth, Emily, and others.. it’s really awesome to wake up and have breakfast with them. In physics class, we had a long and boring lecture, but it was very complex and I’m afriad I didn’t understand most of it.

I bought a hard drive from newegg.com. Considering I’ve filled almost 170 GB of my 200 GB hard drive, it’s sorely needed :) It arrived today. But it’s OEM, so no cables are included. I don’t think I have the IDE cable required to hook it up… I will have to see if someone else in the hall has one, or how much one costs at the bookstore… or maybe just get one from home over the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, this weekend is going to be incredibly busy. My mom emailed me about some stuff that’ll be happening. Kipp is planning a movie night. and on Sunday, my engineering academy team wants to start filming. I’ve got to write the script for the shopping-for-supplies section, too.
Then I went to an event on Danfur (Sudan) genocide, where we watched a video and then discussed it. So I had Dominos pizza for dinner. I left early for Mark Study at 8pm, where we studied Jesus and how he healed the woman who had a flow of blood for 12 years and then raised 12-year-old girl from the dead. Intriguing stuff.

Now, my roommate, Kedar, is hosting a study session for EDCO (“RA class”). Looks like they’ll be here for quite a while… But I’m sleeping before 1 am, for sure. I’ve got an 8am physics lab tomorrow morning, and I need to get there early.

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    So much for before 1 am!

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