Monday report

I think it has been awhile since I wrote about my life, so here’s something. Yesterday was Monday. I woke up in time for breakfast and then went to tennis at 11. We’re going to have our performance exam next week. I’m not too worried because I’m only taking the class pass/fail. I do need to do another tennis match report, however.

I had sushi for lunch (crab & avocado) and then went to freshman engineering academy. I brought my laptop to class, which I haven’t done for a very long time. I showed the rest of my group a music video created automagically using the footage we filmed last Friday.

After signing up for my TO registration appointment (April 5), I went to my computer science lecture. Prof. Crowley was a little sick, but we went the entire class time. He talked about the traffic system, went through examples and stuff. Purely conceptual; he can’t write the actual code on-the-fly. Coding (especially in an inconsistent language like C++) requires good references.

Next, I had guitar. I still need to do my 2 concert reports for that class. I need to practice more during the week. I’m going to commit to practicing once per day, even if only for a minute. Last week, I didn’t really practice at all. We’re learning some pretty advanced stuff, and it’s starting to get tiring. Still, I think I can actually start playing the guitar for real pretty soon.

We had Deans’ Dinner, at which Neil put on a talent show. I was thinking of going up just to tell people to visit, but I decided not to. I regret it. I should seize opportunities like that. The food was okay, nothing amazing. They gave out prizes for those who showed off their talents. The best thing that I saw was a USC cup and bowl set, but it wasn’t too great because it was just plastic (not ceramic or anything) and not microwavable. I use my microwave for heating any food.

I took a short break before going to Bible Study at 9, then boba study at 10, during which I did my laundry – two loads, one for whites (hot) and one for everything else (cold); I borrowed dryer antistatic sheets from Jamie. The used sheets look perfect for cleaning the dryer’s lint filter afterward. Anyway, boba was followed by nearly 2 hours (I’m guessing) of studying for today’s econ quiz with Mo. It was her birthday. I went to sleep shortly after that, just past 2am. This is in the style of a MM, though it’s not strictly written at midnight.

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