So much to read and think about, so little time: Writely, Google, Ask,

Since I don’t have time to post extensive thoughts on these, I’ll just see what I can do in the limited time I have.

Writely So on the Google Blog – Google has bought out Writely, the service that I joined back in January and I previously mentioned here on my blog; news first broken here. Writely’s Secret Sauce. Engadget mentioned Cybiko in a blog post yesterday. Blog for Ex-Googlers – tons of interesting stories there. Google stock continues to sink gradually – discusses. Some of Google’s possible problems.

Google Calendar. Google buying Sun? Firefox and Google, and $72 million. Ask is joining as a competitor. Google doing online storage (more), like – some don’t like it. How good is search? – not very, according to this. Is there infinite anything? Stock analysts are silly. How hardware has changed (Google).

Patriot act. Huge phone company – who cares, if VoIP succeeds? They better not restrict web access. Visual image search (beat). Fox acquires a company, but we don’t know which (SimplyHired or Eurekster?). Google runs from the Chinese. Other things are happening, but I probably should write more extensively on those. This post needs a picture. Oh well – gotta pack.

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