Spring Break, Day One

I’m going to keep track of my activities over the break to ensure that I get something done.

Today, I went to RadioShack and got a new rechargeable battery for our cordless phone. I also cleaned up all of the LEGOs from the living room and vacuumed. Aaron came over yesterday, and we spent the afternoon building a new LEGO set: a fish, a shark, and squid. Glow-in-the-dark teeth and stuff too. Very cool.

I went through my emails and paid the server bill for my dedicated server with a2b2. I need to make sure I’m using that server to its full capacity. I also just installed the Firewire card in the family computer, so we can transfer video from our digital camcorder.

I read a few blogs and read about the general interview process that is required for most tech companies. It’s grueling. It’s humbling to read some of the stories. I really need to brush up on my coding skills. And I still have much to learn. It’s a tough world out there, regardless of how easy some things are.

I’ve been using my new USB Lava Lamp from ThinkGeek. It’s clear. Not as exciting as some of the colored ones must be. It’s one of the glitter models, too; not a motion lamp. So it’s not the regular “lava” that you usually see. It’s shiny and glittery, but doesn’t have those neat blob shapes. Maybe I’ll get a lava motion lamp someday.

Less than two hours until Midnight. That qualifies as a Message.

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