There’s Space for a MySpace Competitor

I was reading a post at ensight and a lot of thoughts came to mind. I think the conclusion that the entire discussion points to is that there’s an unmet demand for a competitor to MySpace. Although Facebook is an excellent alternative, it’s not perfect. It’s targetted toward college students, and it doesn’t support blogging. You could say that their “wall” feature provides for that self-publishing need, but I think a blog goes beyond that. If you want to make a successful alternative to MySpace, what does it need to have?

  • It needs to be fast. Google proved the speed is king.
  • It needs to be elegant. Good-looking and standards-compliant makes all the difference.
  • It needs to reach beyond high school students. Make it easy to understand and use, so that adults age 20 and up will join and find it useful.
  • It needs to be natural to connect with other people, and get reports about what your friends are up to.
  • It needs to support blogging – and, if it’s economically feasible, it should compensate the best content creators for their work.

That’s how I see it, and this is reflected by others around the web. I have yet to find a website like MySpace that I use on a daily basis. Two sites that come very close are Gmail and Facebook. But there’s room for one more. Just one.

Do you have an idea? Tell me.

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