What’s moving from the old theme?

Okay, I said I would only post when I had a picture, but any image suffices: even a screenshot.


This is what my blog used to look like. What did it have that K2 doesn’t?

In the sidebar

  • Categories
  • Feeds
  • AdSense link
  • Firefox link
  • Add to My Yahoo link (did anyone use this?)
  • Looking for a play to watch?”
  • FeedBlitz subscribe box

In the main content area

  • Google link ads
  • Google text ads
  • “Pages” links (not WordPress pages)
  • gsearchblog button
  • Feedburner button
  • Google search box

Over the next few days, I might be copying these things over. Right now, I’m still deciding whether I like them or not.

One Response to “What’s moving from the old theme?”

  1. Sam Park says:

    The effects are cool, namely the moving comment box and the fade-in effect for the comment once it’s submitted. I like it better than the old one! Good job.

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