WP-Hashcash Check Failed

I think this is an effective but silly way of weeding out comment spam. Invariably, legitimate comments are filtered out:

WP-Hashcash Check Failed

Your client has failed to compute the special javascript code required to comment on this blog. If you believe this to be in error, please contact the blog administrator, and check for javascript, validation, or php errors. It is also possible that you are trying to spam this blog.

If you are using Google Web Accelerator, a proxy, or some other caching system, WP-Hashcash may not let you comment. There are known issues with caching that are fundamentally insoluble, because the page being written to you must be generated freshly. Turn off your caching software and reload the page. If you are using a proxy, commenting should work, but it is untested.

This comment has been logged, and will not be displayed on the blog.

Elliott Back’s blog told me I was a spammer :) Actually, the hashcash is a good way of stopping comment spam. I do like it. It’s well thought out. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect, as nothing is. Although it is very friendly, since it did tell me that my comment was eaten.

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