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Talk about putting lots of things into one post. First I went to Evergreen with Michael Stalcup and Theo. It was a very interesting sermon. Personal examples really help to communicate the message. Then I went to SIT (Sophomores-In-Training, I think we’re calling it) at Larissa’s. It’s the very last Spring Training session. Next we’ll be going to the Summer Conference. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’ll need to make sure the date is cleared, and invite friends to come. Nick came to USC for the Admitted Students Reception, and it sounds like he thought it was pretty cool. Hopefully he decides to come.

I went to Natasha’s Junior Recital. We left from the EVK turnout at about 6:15pm, and arrived at the church in Pasadena at about 6:50pm. I was starving. I’ve haven’t been this hungry for months. Luckily, Ian had recently gone to the market, and he gave me an apple. That held me over until about 8:15pm, when the recital ended and they gave us awesome refreshments, including sushi. Natasha was amazingly good. I’d never seen such advanced violin skills. Yeah, it was quite impressive.
I came back to find the news that Alex, a really cool high school friend, decided to attend USC. Awesome! I guess the info and tours that the school did worked. I’m sure he’ll like it here. It’s so amazing that at least one friend from high school will be coming here next year.

Anyway, I worked on my computer science project for a few hours. It’s making serious progress. Mostly what I need to do now is grunt work, defining where all the intersections are, creating the traffic lights, giving them different timers… yeah, I can see how to do it all now, so I just need to put the time in. And then I need to add Frogger and other gimmicks to make it look impressive. Haha. It would also be nice to get EZWindows to work with VC++ so that I can compile a Windows executable to show off to friends.

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