Liquid Nitrogen Physics Lab

That was fun. For our last physics lab, we played with liquid nitrogen to predict what the absolute zero of temperature is. I think we got -275 degreees Celsius. That’s less than 2 degrees off from the real value, I think. Since we were playing with liquid nitrogen, students were throwing all kinds of things in it. My lab partner, Sarah, dipped looped string in ice water and then submerged it in the liquid nitrogen. After taking it out, she pressed a highlighter against it, and it stuck. The entire contraption was dunked in the ice water and then back into the nitrogen several times. I have a photo, but I don’t know where my USB cable is to transfer it. So maybe later.
Whoa. It has been raining all morning. It’s 10:43 AM, and it suddently got really bright outside (looking out the window). I guess a cloud moved out of the way. The shadows that I see out of my window are really peculiar. Being in the last room at the very end of Marks Hall (on the Pardee tower end) means taht I can see the nook between Pardee and Marks. That’s where a brick wall and white stucco wall intersect, and the sun reflecting off those walls is very bright, but is contrasted by the other side of the building which is dark (and has ledges to shadow the windows).

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