Ruby on Rails isn’t backed by a company

I forget where I read this, but I’ve been wanting to blog about it since last Thursday, when I first started researching about Ruby on Rails. It’s an awesome language, though I haven’t had a chance to code in it yet. It’s fairly new, and version 1.1 was only recently released. I emailed my computer science professor about it, and he said he’s never heard of it. Why isn’t it more well-known?

One big factor to consider is that it has no company pushing and promoting it. Java and JSP have Sun Microsystems. PHP has the Zend Scripting Language Engine. C# and ASP have Microsoft. Ruby on Rails doesn’t have anyone, as far as I can tell. Additionally, it’s open source. Not a huge amount of commercial profit to be made there!

3 Responses to “Ruby on Rails isn’t backed by a company”

  1. Will says:

    Have you heard of Or do you not consider them to be a *company*? One of their developers (DHH) is the creator of Rails.

  2. David Sutoyo says:

    One could say it’s backed by 37signals. Obviously, they are nowhere near as well-known as Microsoft or Sun. But that might change in the future.

  3. Elliot Lee says:

    Thanks for the info about 37signals. I’d heard of them, but I didn’t realize they were backing RoR. Now, what site was I reading that gave me this idea?

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