24 hours of Firefox

I’m currently running Level 3 (Dead-Serious) Explorer Destroyer on this blog. Let’s see how it goes. These are my stats from WP-ShortStat from before the switch (I haven’t had it installed for a long time, but I don’t expect it to have changed much from here):
Browser %

Browser Version %
Crawler/Search Engine Indeterminable 33%
Internet Explorer 6.0 21%
Firefox 1.0.7 4%
Firefox 1.5 2%
Crawler/Search Engine 6.0 1%
Internet Explorer 5.5 1%
Firefox 1.0.6 1%
Internet Explorer 5.0 1%
Firefox 1.0.4 1%
Internet Explorer 5.01 1%
Safari 2.0 1%

As you can see, Internet Explorer 6.0 has a 21% share, while Firefox 1.0.7 (at this time) was second with 4%. The goal is to make these percentages about equal; that is, 50/50. I’ll keep this post updated. I plan to take off Explorer Destroyer a little after midnight tonight, so it would have been up for just about 24 hours.

May 3, 2006 Well, ShortStat stopped working on me, so I don’t have browser stats. But I do have stats from AdSense, and they look pretty good. I’m not allowed to disclose specific numbers, but my overall earnings from Firefox downloads for the day was $5.45. Not bad, considering that all of that is just from this blog. I also converted about eight people to Firefox, which is a win in my opinion. However, I lost about $7.81 due to people seeing the Firefox message instead of seeing my site. So it’s an overall loss of about $2.36, which tells me that this is not a good idea long-term.
I might try the less-intrusive level 1 method on one of my more-trafficked sites. For smaller sites, I’m willing to go level 3, but only for 24-hour periods. I might even do level 1 on here, but not yet – I’m putting things back to normal, at least for the next 24 hours.

2 Responses to “24 hours of Firefox”

  1. Sam Park says:

    I used IE Tab to render your site with the IE engine. Haha, what a blatant message. Hope you make lots of money.

  2. Luke says:

    Ew. Who uses the nastyness of Firefox?

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