Critical Update from Microsoft

Microsoft calls this a Critical Update. It almost makes me sick.

Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)
Date last published: 4/25/2006
Download size: 829 KB 
The Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool notifies you if your copy of Windows is not genuine. If your system is found to be a non-genuine, the tool will help you obtain a licensed copy of Windows.
System Requirements
Recommended CPU: Not specified.
Recommended memory: Not specified.
Recommended hard disk space: Not specified.

3 Responses to “Critical Update from Microsoft”

  1. andrew247 says:

    When I saw that I refused to download it, although I think it might have done it automatically when I turned off the computer.

  2. M Short says:

    You know, of course, that a link on your web page for “free Windows XP pro” is anything but free.

    Kinda detracts from your credibility.

  3. Elliot Lee says:

    M Short, I apologize, but it is a paid advertisement. To be clear, I do not endorse the ads on this page in any way.

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