Incorrect Price Tags

I would think there should be a law against this.

2 + 2 = 3

So here goes my rant: never trust someone selling you something.

So, today I was staring at the price tags in the beverage isle and realized that the “price per unit” that they have convienantly calculated for you is amazing wrong for a lot of the items. In particular, the “24-pack of Dr. Pepper” had a tag that said “$6.49. Price per unit: $0.33/oz” WTF? Last time I checked, $6.49 / 24 cans / 12oz = $0.02/oz, but I guess it has been a while since I was in 2nd grade. And then I look at the “12-pack of Dr. Pepper” which said “$4.39. Price per unit: $0.03/oz,” so they got that one right, but oh-wait that is the more expensive version.

I looked at some other self-competitive products (for example, I was buying Lucky Charms, which comes in 3 sizes) and found similar mistakes (in their favor) in the math. The moral of the story is to have a calculator and do the math yourself because the price for the product may be required to be accurate but the price per unit is the store helping themselves out (instead of you).

Quoted from Scott Dial 

I’d never imagined that price tags in stores would just outright lie in that way. I had assumed they could do the (simple) calculations correctly! Next time I go shopping, I’ll have to check on this for myself.

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