Q-Stor USB-Serial Controller Driver

The link you’re looking for is on this page. Specifically, you want the IRDA driver model: QIRU2.

Within that file, the driver that worked for me is in Driver\PH-IrDA120L. Hope this helps!

6 Responses to “Q-Stor USB-Serial Controller Driver”

  1. teimoor says:

    i need this driver > to connect Nokia 3220 mobile to my PC in windows xp via DKU-5 Cable

  2. sandeep says:

    i need driver for dku-5 data cable
    usb-serial controller

  3. Pedro Orozco says:

    I bought usb-serial cable and I was told that I did not need a driver when I tried it in my PC computer it did not function. I would like to know if you could send me the driver or give me information where I could obtain the driver. I would appriceate it very much.

  4. Gatewood Kistler says:

    I also need a driver to enable my USB-serial connector. I have Windows XP Svcpack2, and my cable to connect my Sony Ericsson T610 to my computer simply doesn’t work. Just bought it, and hate to have to give up on it. Thanks for any help.

  5. Ram says:

    Its Wonderful

  6. pam says:

    i have nokia 3220 and i want usb serial controller for it

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