Disagreeing with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft

The weakest aspect of the neutrality case is that the dangers it alleges are speculative. It seems unlikely that broadband providers will degrade Web services that people want and far more likely that they will use non-neutrality to charge for upgrading services that depend on fast and reliable delivery, such as streaming high-definition video or relaying data from heart monitors. If this proves wrong, the government should step in. But it should not burden the Internet with preemptive regulation.

Washington Post via Hands off the Internet

Ironically, it’s Google that first got me to look at the net neutrality debate. And now that I’ve seen both sides, I’m leaning towards non-neutrality. Yes, that’s right, I disagree with Google, though I love so many things about them. Watch these flash videos: Don’t Regulate and internetofthefuture.org (currently down, maybe they’re having load issues). They’re simple cartoons, but they make the debate understandable for non-technical and non-lawyer people.

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