Dreamweaver 8: Change Workspace

I’m going through a ColdFusion book and it says:

To change your workspace option later (Windows only), select Edit > Preferences or press the Control-U keyboard shortcut.

But the option isn’t there! I checked Dreamweaver 8 Help. Same thing:

Change Workspace (Windows only) enables you to select a Designer layout–an integrated workspace with panels on the right–or a Coder layout–an integrated workspace with panels on the left. In the Designer layout documents appear in Design view by default, while in the Coder layout documents appear in Code view by default. After you select a new workspace, exit Dreamweaver and restart it to see the changes.

So I used Blingo to search and find this page, which states:

In Dreamweaver 8, go to Windows/Workspace Layout and you will see the original two default Designer and Coder options, but you will also see another option for those working with Dual Monitors.  Neat, eh?

Sweet! The dual screen option is cool, especially for me since I actually do have dual screens. Macromedia thought ahead with this one. They need to update their documentation, though.

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  1. B7 says:

    It worked. Thanks!!!

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