Foreign Countries and Summer of Code

I found this post to be very interesting (from Summer-Accepted-2006):

I have a problem with “issuing the payment in the currency of the
country listed in my shipping address”.
The country I chose from the list (I had to :)) is Yugoslavia, but
Yugoslavia hasn’t been around for 3-4 years. It’s called “Serbia and
Montenegro” now. And that name too is not going to last for long,
because Montenegro (the “state” I live in) has just recently (May,
21st) organized a referendum about independence, and the citizens
chose to be independent of Serbia. This is Balkan folks :).
So what’s the problem? Serbia’s official currency is dinar (DIN), and
Montenegro’s euro (€), so I’d like that check sent to me to be in
euros. The others SoCers from “Yugoslavia“, are actually from Serbia
and they should get their checks in dinars.

Edin Salkovi?

All the conflicts around countries, currencies, exchange rates, tax forms.. wow. I had no idea the world was this complex. I hope it’s ok with Edin that I post this here. It’s a good example of the stuff going on. For those of us in the US, as US citizens, it seems a bit simpler.

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