Glossy screens suck

An interesting article at Ars Technica in reaction to the glossy screens now used in the new 13″ MacBooks. Basically: the new Apple laptops have glossy screens because Steve Jobs is an idiot.

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  1. Jason says:

    Glossy screens suck as a whole. The first laptop I had was back in 2000, before energy star crap. It did not have a high resolution screen. Thus, there was no glare. Unfortunately, that was from Dell, and when it started having problems, it was hopeless. But the screen was AWESOME. On the brightest days, when I had the blinds up and the windows open, the screen was crystal clear. When I got my last 2 laptops, they both came with glossy screens. Unless you are in a room with no windows, it is like hell trying to see what is on screen. I have to squint to see, which damages the eyes in the long run. The only reasons, in my opinion, that laptops have glossy screens is for higher resolution and to lure ignorant consumers into buying the piece of junk. I recommend not ever buying a glossy screen laptop, no matter what the salesperson says. Sacrifice some resolution for an easier to read screen that is not damaging on your vision. If you strain your eyes to see past the glare, you will do to your eyes exactly what you would do if you tried to read a page in a book in darkness. It is not just apple’s glossy screens that suck. They all do!

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