My weight and height after summer conference

After returning from the IVTCF summer conference at Catalina, which I mentioned earlier but never got aruond to writing about, I used the height and weight machine to see what my stats were. The date was 5/20/06, and at 12:14 pm, here’s what it told me:

Weight: 121.2 lb
Height: 5′ 8″

BMI: 17

Here’s how to read it (I only typed here the relevant parts, but it had spit out info for all ranges):

Less than 20: underweight

Ideal weight and height (men): 5′ 8″ — 152 lb
Dressed and with shoes

Approx. Calorie Guide per 100 gr: bread 240, butter 750

A Guide to Calories Expended per Minute: Dance — 5,00 Cal, Running — 18,00 Cal.

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