Outlook Express emails viruses automatically

I’m running XP on the monster rig I use at home–a brand new Compaq mid-tower–and the OS blazes like a Corvette. I especially like the four games it comes with – Hearts, FreeCell (so addictive!), Minesweeper, and Solitaire. It’s easy to see why XP is considered the ultimate platform for gamers … Linux zealots will try to say that their platform isn’t plagued by things like email viruses, but with Windows XP I don’t gotta worry about emailing viruses to my friends and family at all. The built-in email client Outlook Express does it automatically, in the background … With Windows XP Home, I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing my habits and activities are being monitored by Microsoft, and my computer’s hardware configuration and list of installed software is being stored in a database in Redmond. Windows vs Linux, funny.

3 Responses to “Outlook Express emails viruses automatically”

  1. andrew247 says:

    Hehe. Funny. :-)

  2. Alicia says:

    Well, I think you should always have up to date email backups. I used to do it manually by saving the .dbx files, until I found Outlook Express Backup Genie that does it automatically at regular times.

    I choused it over other because it can work with both MS Outlook and Outlook Express


  3. Alex says:

    If virus will damage your dbx files, then try repair Outlook Express 6, program for repairing folders of Outlook Express, extract e-mails from Outlook Express dbx file and save the repaired Outlook Express messages on disk,and support repairing Outlook Express folders with a size up to 4Gb.

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