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Ah, Slashdot.

I’ve seen it. It’s rubbish! by megaditto (#15797025)

The problem with young people today is they utterly lack imagination.

Having x11 support 2 mouse pointers at once, one per each hand, would seem such a basic thing. I like having multiple windows, multiple desktops, multiple tasks going on, why do I bloody have to click on one at a time. And how about adding tactile feedback to Finder? I want larger files to feel heavier, I want music files to feel sticky…

Or how about a multidimentional, 3-D or 4-D dock, with focus following your eye direction. After all, MacBooks do have builtin webcams, right? I want to look at the app icon on the dock, blink on it, and get it up!

And why are we locked into using letters to represent ideas, names, and concepts? Why does a picture file have to be named “blue-duck.jpg”, I want to make a 3-D blue bird image to be it’s ‘name’, not a string of ASCII crap. And why can’t we search pictures and music files like we should be able to? ‘Victoria, high quality, find all the music files with voice of Jerry Springer saying ‘hello’, find all the pictures containing a girl with red hair?’ not so bloody hard now, is it?

As a great visionary once said, the Internet is not a truck, it’s a collection of pipes. So darnit, for my surfing I want to see some pipes, how they connect, and where they lead to, and what they contain. I don’t want to read about Lebanon, I want my Mac to be smart enough to convert text not even into a sound, but into a 3-D VR scene re-enactment of the news!

Why do windows have to look like flat pieces of paper? Why does your computer have to show documents like a typewriter? Why does a PowerPoint have to resemble decades-old slide projector presentations? Why not make it resemble a road, you walk along the road and look at the points along the way, you see what will come next (although less clear), you walk at your own pace, or fly up and see the entire thing? Why do I have to be blindfolded and shown one piece at a time, like dumb cattle lead to a slaughterhouse?

Why not store the session on a plugged-in iPod like Sun’s thin clients used to be able to do 10 years ago? Unplug it, plug into another Mac 1,000 miles away at an airport, and keep same open apps and docs restored instantly? What, macs are too pussy to do that?

Sorry for the rant, I do not have many years left to my life, I would so much like to experience an OS I can enjoy!

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