Reuters stinks

I was thinking of titling this as Reuters Sucks, but decided that would be too harsh. As I was reading Slashdot tonight, I saw this:

Reuters offers correction to Wikipedia slam. junger writes “Reuters put out a hit piece on Wikipedia, saying that the encyclopedia wasn’t credible in ‘covering’ the breaking news of the death of Enron’s Ken Lay, but then Reuters has to correct their own story because they couldn’t properly identify one of their sources.”

Wow. This has got to be one of the worst news stories of all time. It doesn’t make sense that it was even written, much less published. And much, much less the fact that it mentions Wikipedia and tries to pass it off as valid news.


What is Reuters, anyway? And why does such a bad source of news have so much news? Why do so many people and organizations mindlessly syndicate their meaningless filler?

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