DT: Are we moving backward or forward?

This article in the Daily Trojan is about the gas situation. I have two major points to make here.

  1. Using gasoline is economically beneficial. No other form of energy packs such a tremendously huge amount of power in a small space, especially in a liquid form that can be transferred that extremely high rates (compared to electricity).
  2. We will not run out of gas. As I learned in Professor Sproul’s microeconomics course, there is such a thing as the law of supply and demand. If the supply goes down, prices will go up, and demand will be satisfied. The only possible way a problem could arise is if the government forces gas prices to stay down at an artificially low level. If free market forces are allowed to work, then we’ll have as much gas as we need (or can afford).

With that in mind, I think using gas is fine. Buy your cars, fuel the economy. Technology will help, yes. But simple economics guarantees that we’ll be good for a long time to come.

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  1. Sam Park says:

    Glad to see your USC education is giving you some practical knowledge! I remember Sproul talking about that in class.

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