Epicentre 3rd Anniversary

Today I went to church with Tina and Kristy, with Dan driving and John also coming along. We went to Epicentre Church, which I haven’t gone to since last year. They use a multi-purpose room at Cleveland Elementary School, part of the Pasadena Unified School District. The guy who spoke at HEAT last week, Chris, was there. John Lo was the speaker, same as last year. Not much has changed in the past year. It was very comforting.

It was their 3rd Anniversary, which is interesting, because I remember very clearly when I came before that it was their 2nd Anniversary, exactly. It’s like I go to Epicentre only once a year, on their anniversary!

The semon was on Genesis 39-40, which they’ll be talking about for the next 3 weeks. Today’s talk was called “Trust and Faith in God Amidst Disappointments.” He talked about how Joseph was thrown in jail for doing the right thing.
I also saw Hubert, who just came back from Africa. I didn’t talk to him or anything though. Unfortunately, I had terrible, terrible allergies today. It’s surprising because I haven’t been bothered by them for nearly two weeks. But today, it was back, and in full-force. I sneezed approximately 20 times, just within the timespan of a couple hours. And each time I sneeze, it’s a huge sneeze, along with a runny nose and so on. It’s just really bad. I should bring Claritin with me, along with some tissue, everywhere. Surprisingly, none of the girls had tissue, even though they all had purses.

Last week, I went to Evergreen with Michael S. It was cool, much like I remember it, and then I went to lunch with Shelby and Jon L. It was a lot of fun, and my allergies weren’t acting up. I really can’t be myself with allergies. I guess I’m just much more suited to being indoors on many days.

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