Humans are emotional creatures

One of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced happened last night. I wrote a paper and had no idea what I wrote. My mind totally blanked. How do I know? Because when I woke up this morning, I read the paper– and was absolutely shocked by what I saw. This was an abstract for Core 103. Here’s what I read:

The scientific knowledge gained from the game is what fuels the energy of many students. Today, like back then, we can’t reject circulation anymore. In part, this is because sciences get small groups. On the other hand, I’m an engineer and have never had a class in VKC.

However, I’ve heard that staying on the field can be nice whenever we have to play the music. I should probably downloaded Ruckus again, and look for music. Good luck trying to find anything that’s not copyrighted, and if it’s under copyright, you need written permission from the author. Personally, the best way is Reggie Bush is with a straight-on tackle, since anything else you try to do will be well-known.

Maybe that’s not so shocking, until you realize that this was blended into the middle of a response to an article called “How Harvey and his Contemporaries Played the Game of Truth”– basically a paper about the medical doctor William Harvey (1578–1657). What in the world was I thinking when I wrote that?! It makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s not related to my paper and I don’t remember writing it at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if I somehow absent-mindedly opened the wrong file or copy and pasted some website. If not, where did that stuff come from?!

I’ve noticed that emotions play a large part in everything people do, myself included. Each and every thought and action is dependent on the mood, emotional state, and current disposition of all the people involved. It’s personally much more comforting to me to think that things can be perfectly logical, perfectly reasonable and predictable. But that’s simply not the case at all. At all. Really, people make decisions based on their moods, and their moods change wildly and irrationally. I think people like to think of emotional swings as being restricted to some certain group, like women, who certainly may be more prone to being more affected by feelings. But is that just wishful thinking? Don’t even engineers have times of happiness and satisfaction, and times of sadness and desperation, without the appropriate rational reasons behind it? I think so, and that’s a bothersome thought.

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  1. Sam Park says:

    This made my day. I was laughing out loud with my roommate as I read it. They’re actually complete sentences but complete nonsense! Hahahaha.

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