What’s easy might not be right

I’ve noticed that many Christians think that if wsomething is easy or works out well, it’s probably right. They think that everything that happens is in accordance with God’s will. Well, is that really true? It seems silly to me to think that just because something works out or comes naturally, it must be right. This can apply to everything you do. Let’s say you want to quit a Christian group. It’s easy, so you think it must be fine. How about if it was difficult? Maybe you’d reconsider. This is just an example. But the point is: if something is easy, it isn’t necessarily right. Sometimes what you should do is actually more difficult.

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  1. Michael says:

    This is an intriguing concept that has been very popular throughout time. This parallels the concept that good things that happen to you are a result of God’s favor and bad things that happen to you are a result of sin. Yet throughout the bible, the message is quite often contrary to this.

    To do the “right” thing will often be at great cost. Abraham Lincoln could have kept the status quo. Throughout his life, he endured many hardships and failures before becoming the President of the United States. Upon acheiving a position of stature and power, he could have enjoyed the fruits of his struggles. Instead, he led the country through a wrenching civil war, ripping apart families and communities, in order to do the “right” thing; ensuring that all men would truly be considered equal.

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