Google Ambassador for USC

So I’m the official Google Ambassador for USC. Today I received another package containing a Google visor, bag, notepad, and 7 cards promoting the Google Gadget Awards. She also threw in an FAQ for the Google Ambassador program. Google is awesome.

4 Responses to “Google Ambassador for USC”

  1. Hey, that’s great, Elliot! Good luck!

  2. Hasanat Kazmi says:

    can u give me info about google ambassador program, i have checked their pages but their is no signup option. how to signup?

  3. […] I’m the Google Ambassador for USC, Google asked if they could use my mailing address to send over the trophy, and then have me get it […]

  4. Joe Ringenberg says:

    Hi Elliot Lee-
    I was excited to see that you’re involved in the Google Ambassador program. Can you forward the contact information you have? I’m interested in starting a local chapter. Thanks a lot!

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