Dream: Falling behind in just the first week

This is part two in my series on dreams I’ve had this Christmas break. I had my first dream while I was still at school, in Marks Hall. This one I had just last night, here in the comfort of my home. In particular, I slept on the lower bunk of my bunk bed, while I usually sleep on the top bunk.

This time, school had started. I was frantically looking at my schedule, which somehow seemed too complex for me to understand. I ran to my math class. 1pm to 5pm. That’s a long class, I thought, but didn’t think anything unusual of it. By the time 5pm came around, I was so exhausted that I just went back to my room and tried to relax. The next day, I realized that I must have missed all of the rest of my classes for that day! I tried to focus, but I couldn’t. Again, the whole university seemed too complex for me, with too much going on. An activity here, an activity there. Class here, class there, all different times, all different durations. By the time I caught up with myself, the week was over. For some of my classes, I hadn’t gone to them at all. It was the first week of school, and I hadn’t yet shown up to class.

Strangely, I wasn’t too stressed about it. It was disheartening, yes, but it was a dream– not a nightmare.
I woke up.

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