Leavey Upper Commons

Why are so many places called “Commons”? You have Leavey Upper Commons, where I am now, and you have Leavey Lower Commons, you have Upstairs Commons for an elegant sit-down dining experience, you have Commons for sushi and Mainstreet, you have Downstairs Commons for Mexican food, Chinese food, and subs, and there’s probably another place with Commons in its name. Until I came to USC, I didn’t spend time in “Commons.” It makes me feel like I’m in England or something, though I’ve never been there. Did they consider calling this place a computer lab or a study room? How about “hang-out area”?

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  1. Sam says:

    The building near Tommy Trojan is called Commons, but most people call the restaurant on the second floor Upstairs Cafe, not Upstairs Commons. A lot of people also call the eateries on the ground floor Main Street or Wasabi Sushi, depending on where they’re eating.

    The Tragedy of the Commons…

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