Lenovo and Dell Support

I had ordered another ThinkPad and a Dell Latitude when I was getting impatient waiting for my Z61t to ship, just to see what the ship dates would be. When I called Dell first, I got stuck in their automated answering system. It took me to the automated order status checker. So I hung up and tried again.

This time I spoke with Raymond, who said he would transfer me to the Small Business division, since that’s where I placed my order. The transfer failed: I got a busy signal, and the call was dropped. Luckily, he gave me a phone number and extension, so I called that manually.

I got Alex, who told me who my sales representative was: Shawna Grupe. He forwarded me to her, but all I got was voicemail. I left a message. Luckily, she provided her email address in the voicemail message, so I sent her an email.

Success: she replied right back by email, saying the order was cancelled. What I didn’t like: the original order email did not say who my sales rep was. That would have made things easier.

Then I called Lenovo, and pleasantly heard that the extra order was already canceled. I had left a message for Eldad yesterday, and also sent him an email, but I didn’t get a reply. Suggestion for Lenovo: send an email letting me know that my order has been canceled. Otherwise, great!

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