Too geeky for me

ThinkGeek sells a shirt called Dead Hex People. It has a riddle on it which goes like this:

How many people can read hex if only you and dead people can read hex?

Any idea? You have my respect if you got it from just that…

The answer is given as: 57006

OK, I still didn’t get it. I had to look it up. Now I know. It makes sense, but it’s a little bit of a stretch. If you want to know how the riddle works, leave a comment.

4 Responses to “Too geeky for me”

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  2. Henry Yuen says:

    is it DEAD (in hex) + 1?

  3. Elliot Lee says:

    Henry, yes. If you got that on your own, you *must* be my roommate next year. If not, you’re awesome anyway.

  4. Henry Yuen says:

    Haha well I’m still not sure how DEAD + 1 = 57006. What happened to all the letters? I guess I have to learn how hex exactly works first :-P

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